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Wearing the Right Formal Vest

Formal vests add sophistication to any tuxedo whether they are in a contrasting color or the same one. Tuxedo vests can make a traditional tuxedo look more formal and are now an essential part of the whole look.

Tuxedo vests are usually made from either wool or silk and they come in a variety of colors and designs. These vests are available in either full back or backless styles. The full back vests can have some adjustable straps while the backless ones give you a less bulky appearance but you will have to keep your jacket on throughout. They are also easier to adjust compared to the full back ones.

Formal vests that have bright colors are generally avoided when wearing a tuxedo but the color will be determined by the kind of jacket you choose to wear. For those formal events, you can choose a vest with a pique collar but only if it is in white or black. If you are wearing the vest to the prom, you can choose one that is full back with a waistband that is adjustable. This is a lighthearted event therefore you can wear some bright colors.

Choose your tuxedo vest at the same place you are getting the shirt to ensure that the color and material you choose for the vest will enhance the shirt. For young men, there are a range of colors that you can select from including pink, red and purple which are great for weddings. Vests made using geometric designs, polka dots and paisley prints also suit the young men more. The style and cut used on the vest should always flatter your body type.

The vest should always fit you snugly like a sweater and not extend more than one inch below the belt. The Formal Vests can be matched with the tie but not if the tie is the same color as your jacket. The tie and shirt should be worn first then you can put on your vest and button all the buttons. The tie should not look puffy at the top of your vest.