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Great Running Vests

Looking for a way to stay warm while you run, but don't want to be bogged down with layer upon layer of long sleeves and jackets? Try using a running vest. Though they don't have sleeves to warm your arms, they will surely warm your core, which keeps the rest of your body warm. Here are three good vests to consider.

The perfect vest for racing is the Lululemon Clarity vest. It has a large zip pocket so you can pack your fuel (i.e. gels, bars, and chews). This is especially handy for longer runs and back rides. It's great for slightly cooler days, when your long sleeve technical top doesn't provide enough warmth. Just put this vest over and it should give you that extra bit of insulation. It's super light, almost feeling like you're not wearing anything.

If you want a very light vest, get the Patagonia Nine Trails vest. It weighs 2.7 ounces, so it's light enough to wear for a race event and keep you warm on frigid days. It even has a water-repellent coating so you can stay dryer during light showers and misty days. When it starts warming up, you can just pack it up and stuff it in your back pocket.

When it really gets cold, dark, and wet, break out the Brooks Nightlife vest. Its neon green color scheme will ensure that you are seen by oncoming traffic. It also has a teflon coating that will protect your from the wind and rain. A bit on the heavier side, put this on when the temperature hits below freezing.