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Create Positive Successful Thoughts

What is the source of positive successful thoughts? Wrong, it is not your mind; rather it is your Heart. If you want to know why and how you can tap into this well spring of positive energy then this will interest you.

In spite of all of the hype given to the Law of Attraction and the use of positive affirmations many individuals have come away feeling disappointed and skeptical that any of this really works for them. That is because there is a significant missing piece in the puzzle. What is that piece? Well, it's the vital role of the Human Heart and what flows through it.

The process of creative visualization, employed by success gurus, has two major components associated with it. The well known part is the ability to "envision" what is desired in the mind. The less well known piece involves the "emotional energy" which must "energize", "magnetize" and "vitalize" (i.e. give life to) the images held in the mind.

So what is the source of that emotional energy? You guessed it, the Heart!

The emotions that come from the Heart however cannot be manipulated or artificially manufactured. Rather they are part and parcel of the flow of Life Force Energy (LFE) that naturally flows into the body via the Heart. LFE is a precarious commodity however because it is subject to depletion whenever one experiences a negative event in their life that then becomes stored within the unconscious mind/body as a negative memory.

That negative memory serves to perpetually deplete one's LFE as long as it continues to reside within. As a result it has the tendency to draw down the intensity and the flow of LFE into the mind/body. It is the flow of LFE into the mind and "through" those "mind images" that magnetizes them to draw and ultimately manifest what is desired.

So if LFE is weak or non existent the magnetic power of one's mental images will be severely impaired. What is important for you to realize is that it is now possible to completely delete/erase/extract those LFE depleting negative memories from the unconscious mind/body permanently with a new coaching modality that was developed over 10 years ago.

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