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Cheap Wedding Favors That Are Useful

Some couples have planned their wedding like they have to prioritize some things and give up others. It may be a practical idea for them, but it doesn't always have to be the case because there are some ways to save money on wedding without making sacrifices.

If you are a bride who want to save money on your wedding, consider saving on your wedding favors. There are so many choices when it comes to wedding favors, and you can opt for not just cheap but also useful. Coming up with such kind of tokens will sure to be perfect for your budget and your guests will also enjoy taking something from your wedding that they can use everyday.

One of the cheap wedding favors that guests can use are soap favors. Soaps are becoming extremely famous as practical wedding souvenirs because they are always beautiful and smell good - no one in your wedding can resist the charm of beautifully packaged scented soap favors! Soaps can be made at home. You can order small scented soaps in a wholesale store and once they arrive at your doorstep, get them and package them in a creative way you can. You can use small bags or elaborate soap boxes in packaging them. Use pretty ribbon and hang a tag to create a final touch to your soap wedding favors.

If you think glass coasters are expensive, well then you are wrong. If you want to give out glass coasters at your wedding, go to a wholesale glass store that offer various items made up of glass. Glass coasters are fun and useful that your guests can use them at home or at their office. Use a ribbon or a sheer material to hold two or more coasters together. They don't have to be packaged in an elaborate box to hide the beauty of glass coasters. It would be best to present them the way they are but tied together with a pretty ribbon and with a tag.

Candles are also among the most popular cheap wedding favors and can be used by the guests. They will probably be on the tables at your reception. The charm and cozy feel that candles bring are always perfect for such a romantic event like your wedding. Everyone loves candles that's why they are available in all kinds shapes, sizes, colors and scents. You can always find candles that match the motif of your wedding as well as your personal style. You can purchase candles at a very cheap price and you can also personalize them. Embellish your candle favors with ribbon tied around them and hang a tag where your names or combined monograms and wedding date are printed.

One economical way to shop for cheap wedding favors is to shop online. Online shopping gives you a lot of options to choose from, especially that your budget is tight. Cheap wedding favors mentioned earlier can be ordered at your favorite online store and you can also shop online for other wedding supplies and accessories that your wedding need.