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Be Watchful and Cautious When Buying and Selling Wholesale Gucci

There are a lot of Gucci bags being sold online but to really find an authentic one is another thing. Be very careful when you choose a drop shipping company as you transact business with them. A lot of factories manufacture replicas of Gucci bags because of its demand. For sure you cannot sell bulk of this designer bags because of its price. Prices range from hundreds of dollars and to find one with a tag of $800 this cannot be had by bulk a t discounted prices.

However, some wholesalers can be found selling them at great prices. A thorough research is just what it takes and you need to invest in time so that you can be in the league of those companies. How then can you be sure you have the real Gucci products? These are some things to remember:

The Logo should be checked first. This is one area where you can check on the real thing. Study the authentic Gucci logo so that you will know how to find one in what you get. Some fake ones have a "C" instead of a "G" for the trademark letter. Next check on how it is wrapped. The authentic one will not come to you wrapped in plastic. With a plastic wrapper be sure it is a fake.

The material of a genuine Gucci bag would really be very different than that of a fake one. As simple as having a low quality material is the bag that easily gets destroyed would mean you have a replica instead of the real one. An original Gucci item has an identification card or the one you have does not possess one then be sure you have been fooled into buying a fake one.

The secret here in buying and selling designer bags is knowing how to differentiate the real one from the one that is just a replica. Also finding a good wholesale price that is a bit lower than in the stores and malls would take time to research about. Time would be an investment here but from here everything will fall in place and you can be sure to get the real genuine Gucci designer items.