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Monday 16 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

To Tweet, or Not to Tweet - Can Twitter Help Your Business?

You cannot turn on your TV, log on to Facebook, or pass a teenager without hearing or seeing the word Twitter. For those of you who don't know, Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to tell others (Tweet term: "Followers") what is on your mind. This social site is in what is called the "micro-blogging" format so unlike Facebook, your status updates are limited to 140 characters. As a Twitter user you can also follow and view updates from other users, and send a public reply or private direct message to connect with another Twitter user.

Getting started on Twitter is easy. Go to the site and select the "sign up" option and follow the steps from there. The process is short and painless. When selecting your username, try to be creative and make it something that is unique to you. Your Twitter username can be changed later, so don't panic if your creative juices aren't flowing at the time you sign up. Do be sure to upload a profile pic (Tweet term: avatar) so your followers can get a sense of who you are. Nobody follows a blank face - it's quite scary and it's not personable at all. After you sign up you can tweet from your computer or mobile device. There are free Twitter apps made available to you on smart phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry. Tweeting from a desktop is fine, but we personally prefer tweeting from our phones because we are always on the go!

Now, the marketing part. In your 140 characters you can put anything you want. If a random thought crosses your mind, tweet it! If you just wrote a new blog post, tweet it! Watch or create a new YouTube video? Read a great article? Tweet it --it's all up to you. As an Internet Marketer you can post links to your website, articles, or blog posts on your Twitter page. This means that you will be able to brand yourself and become the niche leader and your followers will look forward to seeing your tweets! Where else can you post your content and your business in front of thousands, even millions, at absolutely no cost? You can become a Twitter marketing phenom if you come up with a great marketing strategy and implement it daily without slacking off, so like our good friends at Nike say: just do it!

Claiming Your Personal Brand Online

A personal brand focuses the attention more on the individual as opposed to a product or business. This allows a person greater flexibility when working online because the brand recognition is not affiliated with a particular product type or niche. This strategy works particularly well with someone who has lots of personality or personal accomplishments they can emphasize. In fact, developing your online brand in this way is often easier due to a lack of competition being there is only one you! Much like product or business branding this strategy involves the use of exposure and repetition.

Here are 5 branding strategies that work quite effectively for building brand recognition that focuses on the individual.


Grab a website and try to capture a domain name that helps to establish some type of brand recognition synonymous with the image you are creating. You also want to try and keep your domain name as short as possible since it is easier to remember and type into the browser bar. Of course the content you place on the site needs to be supportive of your image as well!


Having a blog is one of the best branding strategies because they are so simple to create and they allow you terrific flexibility. You can get very creative with your blog in the way you design and market it while also being able to interact with visitors to your site. Once again be sure to maintain a clear consistency with the content and design as it relates to your online brand.

Social Networking

This strategy may be the most powerful of all in terms of increasing your exposure. Engaging at some of the most popular social network sites allows you to reinforce your 'identity' to a very broad spectrum of people. Not to be overlooked here is the viral capabilities you can benefit from by using social sites in this manner.

Visit Similar Blogs

Go forth within the niche that you are working and visit other blogs with similar interest to yours. By engaging in their discussions and leaving comments you can further increase your exposure and reinforce the identity you are building. An additional note with this tactic is to select some type of logo that best signifies your image and place in within your signature file.

Stay Active Online

Maintain your efforts since it will take some time to firmly establish your online brand along with the broad exposure you need to make your efforts really effective. Have fun with what you are doing and just stick to it! Before long your chosen online brand will be sticking to you like flypaper!

Developing a personal brand can be a lot of fun especially since your 'persona' is the object of the 5 branding strategies reviewed above. These 5 tactics need to be constantly reinforced with the 'unique' identity you want to associate yourself with in order to be effective. Once your online brand is firmly established it is important that your future activities and/or efforts remain consistent with the identity you have created. To do otherwise will not allow you to experience the maximum benefit.

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